woman in field reclaim your vitality by going into nature

Reclaim Your Vitality by Going into Nature

Being in nature reminds us that vitality involves creativity and change. In the woods or on a beach, you become ...
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illustration of martial arts wisdom time and ma

Resolve Conflicts Using the Martial Arts Wisdom of Kime and Ma

We all experience conflicts, and two principles from the martial arts, kime and ma, can help us resolve them and avoid feeling that ...
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"Pause" in sand illustrating the potential for change in one short pause

The Potential for Change in One Short Pause

One short pause might hold potential for a big transformation. By not instantly reacting to a situation and instead, taking ...
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photo representing contemplating the poem of your life

The Poem of Your Life

In ancient times, aging poets in Japan would craft a death poem in acknowledgment that their time on earth was ...
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illustration of two women practicing the art of listening well

Practice the Art of Listening Well

In working as an analyst and as a clinical psychologist, I’ve learned that it’s best to listen, listen, listen, and ...
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