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Awards and Press for Change the Story of Your Health by Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD

Change the Story of Your Health has won several book awards:


The Body Mind Spirit Book Award for Best Energy Healing Book, Best Gaia and Earth Energies Book, and Best Shamanism Book 

Independent Publishers Book Award New Age Mind Body Spirit Change the Story of Your Health

The Best Book Award for Best Health/Alternative Medicine Book 

Carl Greer award-winning author best book awards seal

The Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Well-Being Book and Best Mind-Body-Spirit Book

Beverly Hills Book Awards Winner

Best of Small Press Special Honors Nautilus Book Award and a Winner in the Category of Psychology

Nautilus Book Award Carl Greer Change the Story of Your Health award winner


Kirkus review


Publishers Weekly review



Somatic Psychotherapy Today review



Natural Awakenings review



New Spirit Journal review


New Consciousness review


California Bookwatch Midwest Book Review



Yoga Chicago


Rewire Me magazine excerpt and review


New Spirit Journal articles “Energy Healing with the Help of Nature”,  “Getting Ahead by Doing Less”, “The Wisdom of Your Inner Healer,” and “The High Cost of Avoiding Conflict”

New Consciousness magazine cover article “The Evidence for Nature’s Healing Powers”


New York Spirit magazine articles “Communicating and Communing with Nature” and  “Consciousness, Energy and the Body”


Inner Realm magazine article “Conflict Resolution and the Art of Listening”


Inner Self articles “Tapping into the Power of Energy, Feelings, and Thoughts on Your Health”, “Nature’s Healing Powers,” “Transforming Your Life by Exploring and Changing Your Current Story,” and “Are You Identifying with Your Illnesses and Your Health Story?”

 Essential Wellness magazine, article “The Wisdom of Your Inner Healer”

Natural Awakenings magazine, Chicago edition interview with Carl Greer 



Wisdom Magazine excerpt from Change the Story of Your Health “Identifying with Your Health Story”



Edge Magazine, articles, “The Healing Sounds of Nature,” “Identifying with Your Health Story,” book excerpt from Change the Story of Your Health “The Evidence for Nature’s Healing Powers”



Life Connection magazine, article, “Why Am I So Tired,” book excerpt, “Change the Story of Your Health”

Print and Online Interviews

Psychology Today Jungian analyst shamanic practitioner Carl Greer interview   Psychology Today



Natural Awakenings Carl Greer

Natural Awakenings


Publishers Weekly Carl Greer InterviewPublishers Weekly Author Spotlight




Evolving Magazine Carl Greer

Evolving magazine


Audio Interviews

Masters of Reinvention with Angela Watson Robertson, Your Ultimate Guide To Changing Your Life, available on YouTube.

“On the Couch with Dr. Michelle,” hosted by Dr. Michelle Cohen on L.A. Talk Radio, 6/23/2017: streaming audio



“Kindred Spirits with Lynn V. Andrews” on streaming



“The Dr. Pat Show” with Dr. Pat Baccili: streaming audio


“Frontier Beyond Fear” hosted by Susan Larizon Danz on Blog Talk Radio: streaming audio



“Pathways Radio by Paul O’Brien”: streaming audio


“Soulful Living with Teri Williams”: streaming audio



“Wellness for Life Radio” hosted by Dr. Susanne on Radio MD: streaming audio


OM Times podcast, New Consciousness Reviews/Rising Stars, interview with Carl Greer: streaming audio



Conscious Talk Radio, hosted by Brenda Michaels and Rob Spears: streaming audio 




“New Consciousness Reviews/Rising Stars” hosted by Myriam Knight, OM Times podcast: streaming audio



 “What’s Going OM” hosted by Sandie Sedgebeer, OM Times Radio, preshow interview and interview: streaming audio




“Awakenings” hosted by Michele Meiche on Blog Talk Radio: streaming audio

“Energy Awareness with T.L.” hosted by T. L., available on MixCloud: streaming audio



“Spirit Seeker” hosted by Cynde Meyer on Blog Talk Radio: streaming audio



“The Nancy Ferrari Show,” hosted by Nancy Ferrari, on Spark It Radio Network: streaming audio



“Beyond 50 Radio” hosted by Daniel Davis, available on YouTube


“Fire It Up with C.J.” hosted by C. J. Liu, available on YouTube



Wendy’s Coffeehouse, interview with Carl Greer at 9:40: streaming audio



“Tell Me Your Story” hosted by Richard Deegan: streaming audio

Awards and Press for Change Your Story, Change Your Life 

by Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD


Change Your Story, Change Your Life has won three book awards:

The Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Psychiatry/Psychology Book

Change Your Story, Change Your Life winner of the Beverly Hills Book Award in the category of Psychiatry/Psychology

The Coalition of Visionary Resources Book Award for Best Contemporary Spirituality Book

Best contemporary spirituality book coalition of visionary resources award winner

The Indie Spiritual Book Awards Best Book in Shamanism, Entheogens, Wicca, and Earth-based Spiritual Disciplines

Indie Spirit Book Award 2015 category winner shamanism


Book review in Shamanism Books


Book review in Kirkus Reviews 



Book review in Depth Insights by Jesse Masterson, shamanic practitioner, healer, and Jungian

Book review by Malibu Chronicle



Book review in The Shaman Portal


Book review in Foreword Reviews


Articles/Print Interviews


Carl Greer OM Times interviewOM Times interview with Carl Greer, book excerpt “Goals of Shamanism,” and multiple articles including “The Initiation Blueprint,”  “Why Are You So Tired and What You Can Do About It,” “How to Deal with Your Trickster Ego”, “Self-care with the Help of Your Unconscious,” “It Isn’t Always a Good Idea to Be Present in the Moment,” “Start Battling Toxins and Building Immunity,” “Conflict Resolution and the Art of Listening,” “Getting Ahead By Doing Less,” “Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Create Success,” “Communicating and Communing with Nature,” “Agape Love and Spirituality,” “The Wisdom of Your Inner Healer,” “Overcome Self-Doubt and Perfectionism,” “Health by the Numbers,” “When Your Story Isn’t Working for You,” “The Secret of Sublime Living,” “Running Goodwill Deficits,” “How Are Archetypal Energies Influencing You?”, “Reclaim Your Inner Warrior,” “Responding to Losses,” “Dissolve Fear and Write a New Story,” “Achieve Balance with Your Hidden Wisdom,” “3 Reasons to Embrace Being Ordinary,” and “Regaining Your Confidence”



Fire It Up with CJ of IHeartRadio article “Healing from Within articles “Working with Symbols and Imagery” and “Working with the Rhythms of Life”


Inner Self article “Working with Dreams to Manifest Your New Story”

Third Age article “What’s Your Worry Quotient?” 


New Spirit Journal article “The High Cost of Avoiding Conflict”


Somatic Psychotherapy Today Carl GreerPrint Interview in Somatic Psychotherapy Today


Unity Magazine Carl Greer Change the Story of Your Health

Print Interview in Unity magazine


Natural Solutions article, “Persuading Others Using Gentleness and Patience”


Dinar Recaps article “Yearning for Something Else

Indie Shaman article, “Tenets of Shamanism,” available in print only

Mantra Yoga + Health article “Working with Rituals and Ceremonies” (p. 58)

Vivid Life articles  “Healing from Within“and “Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Audio Interviews

“Heaven On Earth” hosted by Anu Shi Asta: streaming audio

“Dresser After Dark” hosted by Susan Greenman and Michael Dresser: streaming audio

“The Dr. Pat Show” hosted by Dr. Pat Baccili: streaming audio

“Kindred Spirits” hosted by Lynn Andrews: streaming audio

“Healing from Within” hosted by Sheryl Glick: streaming audio

“Conscious Living” hosted by Wendy Garrett on Empower Radio: streaming audio

“The Dr Alvin Show,” four-part interview with Carl Greer: streaming audio

“The Bob Charles Show,” interview with Carl Greer, streaming audio

Steve Nobel/Cygnus Books, interview with Carl Greer, streaming audio

CJ Liu of IHeartRadio, interview with Carl Greer, “Using Shamanic and Jungian Techniques for Accessing the Unconscious Mind

“Your Happiness Way” hosted by Lorane Gordon on Blog Talk Radio: streaming audio

“Entanglement Radio” hosted by Angela Levesque on OM Times Radio: streaming audio

“Consciously Speaking” hosted by Michael Neeley: streaming audio

“Melanie Cole’s Health Radio” hosted by Melanie Cole on RadioMD, interview with Carl Greer on “The High Cost of Avoiding Conflict”: streaming audio

“The Jenn Royster Show” hosted by Jenn Royster on Transformation Talk Radio: streaming audio

“Vajra Body Vajra Mind” podcast: streaming audio


Video, Change the Story of Your Health

Video, Shamanism and Nature Healing

Video, Lower World, Upper World, Middle World Shamanic Cosmology

Video, Calling the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel

Video, The Inner Healer

Video, Dialoguing Technique to Access Inner Wisdom

Video, Archetypal Energies

Videotaped talk on Change Your Story, Change Your Life in Chicago on behalf of Family Services

Videotaped talk on Change Your Story, Change Your Life in Calgary, Canada on behalf of Kimmapii Kids

Videotaped talk for the Theosophical Society, What are the benefits of reflecting on our life stories?

Video, Change the Story of Your Relationship with Source

TISBA video on the award-winning book Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Video, Healing with the Help of the Earth