Understanding archetypal energies helps us to better understand the momentum of our lives, and to plan for ways to bring in or amplify energies that can help us write and implement new stories for ourselves. Archetypes appear within the collective unconscious we all share and in human cultures around the world and across time. Often, they are personified. The hero, the trickster, and the sage are examples.

Archetypal energies are always affecting you, but you may not realize it. What is in your personal unconscious and the collective unconscious is hidden from the conscious mind. Dreams and Freudian slips, or strong feelings such as anger or shame that quickly and fiercely arise in a seemingly innocuous situation, can be signs that universal energies from your personal unconscious and the collective unconscious are active and influencing you. These hidden forces are often so powerful that the conscious mind is very limited in its ability to control them.

Archetypes call forth certain patterns that may be similar to patterns enacted by other humans but are unique to you. You might experience the archetype of the fool as a playful clown, encouraging you to take life less seriously. The same archetype might be experienced by someone else as a cunning and sophisticated court jester who dances on the edge of danger by revealing truth through humor. Your story and your everyday experiences influence how you perceive and are affected by any particular archetypal energy, and vice versa.

What archetypes seem to play a role in the story of your life up to this point? Would you like to change your story and your life?