The Mysterious Beauty of a Synchronicity

My friend was walking in the woods thinking about his father, who had recently died, when a huge buck emerged from the trees and stepped onto the path in front of him. It looked directly into his eyes, and my friend paused to take in the mysterious beauty of the deer’s appearance. Then the buck lost interest in him and disappeared into the woods on the other side of the path.

“I knew with certainty that my father had sent it,” my friend said as he told me the story. “He was reassuring me that he’s still with me.”

Was his inner knowing a trick of his mind? It’s possible, but who is to say?

You, too, may have experienced signs that you are still connected with someone who has passed. Or maybe there was a day when you observed an inexplicable lining up of events that seemed to defy the odds, such as a friend phoning you right at the moment when you were thinking about them for the first time in months.

Have you ever pondered the mysterious beauty of a synchronicity? What did you make of it?

Such moments can make us think about the way we interact with the matrix or energy field that all of us share with the planet earth and her multitude of organisms.

Maybe synchronicities are messages from Source, the wise conscious force of the universe.

What would Source be trying to communicate? Perhaps it’s this: that much is hidden from us when we are in ordinary consciousness and going about our everyday tasks, but we shouldn’t forget that the reality of the senses is only one reality. There is also a reality of dreams, mystery, and hidden connections. In that reality, we share fields of energy with others—perhaps even with souls who have passed, like my friend’s father. Maybe we are able to communicate with these souls in ways the rational mind can’t explain but the heart understands.

Most of us spend a lot of time in our heads, thinking about the challenges we face, planning for the future, analyzing the past, and so on. Understandably, we can be skeptical about coincidences having meaning, but sometimes, we strongly sense that they do. Why not listen to that part of yourself that notices synchronicities and wants to understand the “why”? Maybe by reflecting on them, you’ll discover something important. Maybe you will simply feel reassured that you are interconnected with the web of life. Maybe you will feel less alone in the world. Why not be open to the idea that what we call the soul exists before we come into this life and after we leave it, and that there is a loving force called Source that is always connected to you?

The next time you experience a coincidence, don’t shrug it off. Take a moment to stop and consider the possibility that you are receiving a message meant to help you in some way. The mysterious beauty of a synchronicity is that no one can say for certain what it means, but each of us can choose to reflect on it and decide for ourselves what to make of the mystery.

A version of this article appeared on OMTimes.

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Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD, is a retired clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst, a businessman, and a shamanic practitioner, author, and philanthropist funding over 60 charities and more than 850 past and current Greer Scholars. He has taught at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago and been on staff at the Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being.


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