Connecting to Spirit in Nature

mystical apple tree

Where can one find opportunities to learn more about the mystical? It’s difficult, but not impossible, to have what you need show up for When I was not yet old enough for kindergarten, I would often leave behind my baby brother, who was still in cloth diapers and in need of my mother’s watchful eye, and wander off by myself to explore the town and countryside near my home in Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Neither of my parents realized that my sense of adventure bordered on the foolhardy.

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Tap into Transformative Power

jaguar stone jaguar energy

To be practical and win others’ approval, many people put aside their dreams and set new priorities that are out of synch with their authentic selves. In midlife or during crises such as experiencing health problems or losses (jobs, loved ones, marriages, and so on), we often will awaken to how much we have constricted…

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Reflecting on The Necktie and The Jaguar

What is the value of self-reflection? I have thought a lot about that lately as I’ve completed and just published my newest book The Necktie and The Jaguar: A Memoir to Help You Change Your Story and Find Fulfillment. It’s what I call an interactive memoir: In addition to writing my own story, I have…

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My Story: Archetypal Themes, Plot Twists, and Becoming the Storyteller

adventurer image

Like many stories, my story has archetypal themes and plot twists that led me to my current story. When I was growing up, the steel industry seemed to define my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My father worked in production planning and later, marketing, for U.S. Steel. As a teenager, I followed in his footsteps, taking various…

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The Purpose and Nature of Shamanism and Shamanic Practices

Shamans are healers who use specific techniques to alter their consciousness and journey to other energetic realms. There, they gain energy and information they can use to bring about changes in the everyday world. Some say these realms are imaginary. Others say they are alternative realities that exist in other universes. If these realms shamans…

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