Treating a Spiritual Illness

treating a spiritual illness with nature image of mountain flowers sunrise

Whatever your state of health and well-being, however hard you strive for greater wellness, you might not realize that you’re neglecting your spiritual well-being. You may need to treat a spiritual illness. Not long ago, I received a strong message in a dream: Death can be a spiritual illness. I understood that what my unconscious…

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The Last Moment

The last moment before the sun sets. The last moment before a seed leaves the dandelion, taken away on the wind. The last moment before you open your eyes in the morning. Every day is filled with last moments, some of which we’re aware of, some of which pass without our notice. Similar moments may…

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Overcome Self-Doubt and Perfectionism

Striving for excellence can lead to very satisfying achievements, but when is enough enough? Do you really need more money, more praise, more attention, or a greater sense of control? When does perfectionism start to diminish your joy and distract you from the reason you chose a goal in the first place? Would being less…

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