Reclaim Your Vitality by Going into Nature

woman in field reclaim your vitality by going into nature

Being in nature reminds us that vitality involves creativity and change. In the woods or on a beach, you become aware that nature is continually reinventing and renewing itself. As you think about where your life has become boring or deadening, you might want to reclaim your vitality by going into nature. In natural outdoor…

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Treating a Spiritual Illness

treating a spiritual illness with nature image of mountain flowers sunrise

Whatever your state of health and well-being, however hard you strive for greater wellness, you might not realize that you’re neglecting your spiritual well-being. You may need to treat a spiritual illness. Not long ago, I received a strong message in a dream: Death can be a spiritual illness. I understood that what my unconscious…

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Good-bye to Robotic Ways, Hello to Vitality

Once when on a shamanic journey, I encountered Harlequin-like figures who weren’t friendly. I paid attention to my emotional response to them and after the journey, realized they represented a robotic approach to life I needed to let go of. Do you, too, need to let go of a mechanistic, and robotic approach to your…

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