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Change Your Story, Change Your Experience of the Past

In your life story is a chapter on the story of your health, which has elements you can’t change. If you were in an accident or had a health crisis, that will be a part of your story forever. However, you can create a different narrative about your experiences. Doing so can change the way a memory lives within you and it may change your life going forward. For example, if you had cancer you may ...

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Writing a New Story of Health: A Review of Breast Cancer, A Soul Journey by Patricia Greer

Cancer comes unbidden, an intrusion that evokes fear and brings disruption. How do we coexist with it? Even if it goes into remission or is "cured," how do we live with the energetic residue that it leaves? While cancer is a powerful force, those affected by it also have power—the power to choose how they will face and fight this frightening disease. Breast Cancer: A Soul Journey (Chiron Pub...

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