Reclaim Your Vitality by Going into Nature

woman in field reclaim your vitality by going into nature

Being in nature reminds us that vitality involves creativity and change. In the woods or on a beach, you become aware that nature is continually reinventing and renewing itself. As you think about where your life has become boring or deadening, you might want to reclaim your vitality by going into nature. In natural outdoor…

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A Healing Message from Nature

nature healing image of a woman forest

Spending time in nature offers many health benefits. It reduces your amount of stress hormones, bathes you in sunlight that raises your vitamin D levels, and seems to reduce the risk of developing nearsightedness. Some physicians are even prescribing nature walks for their patients, as a USA Today article points out. Nature seems to recalibrate us, bringing us…

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Energy Healing and Nature

Many different wisdom traditions have recognized that natural spaces can affect people’s energy in particular ways. Are you sensitive enough to recognize the subtle changes in energy as you walk from one area to another, such as across a meadow or along a beach? Can you identify spots that have healing powers? If not, you…

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