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Change the Story of Your Health

Using Shamanic and Jungian Techniques for Healing

Do you want to improve your health? Manage a chronic condition or figure out how to cope with a sudden health issue, like an accident or illness?

“The kind of book that could be life-changing and truly healing.”—New Spirit Journal

In Change the Story of Your Health: Using Shamanic and Jungian Techniques for Healing, published by Findhorn Press, award-winning author, clinical psychologist, shamanic practitioner, and Jungian analyst Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD shows how we can identify our health story and use journaling and expanded-awareness practices to begin changing it, leading to better health and wellness.


“Greer is an encouraging guide . . . An abundance of help can be found here.”

—Publishers Weekly


A companion to his bestselling and multi-award-winning Change Your Story, Change Your Life teaches readers how to use shamanic and Jungian techniques to gain insights and energies for changing a dissatisfying health story. Many of the exercises involve shamanic journeying or working in and with nature: dialoguing and interacting with the earth, a river, the wind, or a fire. Others require engaging and working with your chakras, dreams, symptoms, or inner healer.

No matter what your health concern, you will find in this book tools for writing and bringing to life a new health story.




One hundred percent of the author’s proceeds will go to various charities via The Greer Foundation.

Award Winner in the “Health: Alternative Medicine” category of the 2017 Best Book Awards


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 What reviewers say about Change the Story of Your Health

by Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD

“Whatever health situation you might be facing, Change the Story of Your Health can help identify your health story and uses journaling and expanded awareness practices to begin changing it, leading to better health and wellness. As a companion to his book Change Your Story, Change Your Life, Greer offers shamanic and Jungian techniques to gain insights and energies for changing a unsatisfying health story.

Besides journaling, he offers ways to dialog and interact with the earth, a river, wind, or fire. He also engages the chakras, dreams, symptoms, and the inner healer. Change the Story of Your Health is very much a workbook, not one to be read and set aside. It could be overwhelming due to the depth to which one could be led. However, it is the kind of book that could be life-changing and truly healing. This makes the risk of dipping in more than worth it.

New Spirit Journal


“Greer (Change Your Story, Change Your Life) shares his knowledge of shamanic and Jungian healing techniques in straightforward terms that relate to being connected with spiritual and natural energy fields. Throughout the book, Greer encourages readers to write their own health stories in order to address elements of their lives that hinder a healthy lifestyle and impede transformation. He provides many exercises for connecting with energy fields and raising spiritual awareness, as well as stories of people he’s worked with who have undergone common and uncommon transformations.

In addition to meticulously delineating the contexts and origins of various patient ailments, Greer discusses the benefits he says are provided by Jungian and shamanic healing.

This book is not a quick read, nor is it intended to be; in order for one’s health story to be improved, the shamanic and Jungian techniques learned by reading this book are intended to be used together, which can take some time.

Greer is an encouraging guide, instructing readers to refrain from rushing and only continue through the exercises when ready. For those willing to listen, an abundance of help can be found here.”

—Publishers Weekly


“Change the Story of Your Health: Using Shamanic and Jungian Techniques for Healing discusses alternative medical traditions that inject spirituality into the overall fields of physical and mental health, and comes from a clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst who has used these techniques, in conjunction with Western medicine, to help his own physical ailments and those of his clients.

While a growing number of alternative medical books add a spiritual dimension, what is unusual in Change the Story of Your Health is its blend of specific Jungian techniques with shamanic approaches usually regulated to new age audiences; all this bundled with an attention to physical and personal health challenges that range from the effects of aging to sexuality and serious health ailments.

Chapters advocate a series of practices designed to manage and mitigate these various obstacles to mental and physical health, and so readers receive the tools and specific exercises to incorporate new lifestyles, exercise, meditation and reflective strategies into their overall health routines.

The focus is on identifying blocks to health, more fully understanding one’s current state of health and the keys to maintaining or improving it, and on applying journaling and dialoging techniques to expand self awareness and tap inner resources for healing.

An affinity for self-examination, self-directed exercises, and Jungian and shamanic approaches alike will be a prerequisite for successfully utilizing this book. Readers determined to take charge of their path towards optimal health will find Change the Story of Your Health contains a treasure trove of step-by-step processes designed to lend insights into and modifications of overall health and approaches to life.”

—California Book Watch


For anyone looking for how to cope with health issues, including an accident or recent illness, Change the Story of Your Health is a valuable resource.

As a Jungian analyst, Carl Greer guides us how to unfold the power of our health story through journaling and expanded-awareness practices to contact our ‘inner healer.’ He also recommends shamanic journeying, working with nature, dreams, and the chakras.

In the chapter ‘Consciousness, Energy and the Body,’ he writes about the emotional stressors such as thoughts that trigger fear, anger, tension, and emotional problems that disturb the physical body that can be helped through shamanic practices. He encourages readers to ‘write out the story of your health’ which includes good habits, challenges, connections, partnering, family history, stress, goals, themes and concerns about mortality, and how to ‘revise the story’ as time passes, the body ages, or new health issues arise. He recommends using the expanded-awareness practice of dialoging.”

Light of Consciousness


“Greer demonstrated in his first book, Change Your Story, Change Your Life, that our personal stories not only affect our lives but are very often written by family, environmental influences, and cultural context. Now he is applying that concept to physical health. As Baby Boomers age, health issues loom large on the world stage. Recognizing that this is the group that learned to meditate (in large part) because of the Beatles, he has merged his business acumen, clinical Jungian training, and shamanic experience into a healing protocol that will appeal to that market and the progeny that they have raised. He is telling them that if they change the story that they tell about health and wellness, they can change they way they experience those things in the physical world . . .  an intriguing step into the future that can help to change the world

—Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight


“In Change the Story of Your Health, clinical psychologist Carl Greer explains how to create a transformative health story using shamanic and Jungian techniques. The unconscious power of stories unlocks opportunities for healing as well as improved vitality, confidence, and stamina. ‘Always remember that you are the storyteller,’ writes Greer, ‘and you do not have to live according to the dictates of a story written for you by your DNA, your past experiences and actions, or your cultural conditioning.’

Greer recommends writing the story of your health by focusing on four health chapters or themes: eating, drinking, and weight; movement and exercise; sexuality, body image, and body acceptance; and symptom management for chronic health conditions. For each chapter, he poses a page-plus of questions to expand thinking about the theme.

Next, the deep work begins. Exercises based on shamanic and Jungian archetypes are described to encourage greater health insights. These include working with elements in nature; dialoguing with figures, symbols, and spirit animals; and dream work. Preparation is discussed, and journaling afterward to bring the story to life is recommended.

Despite its use of alternative techniques, the book is practical, and is presented in a straightforward manner. Mini case studies show others’ experiences with the energy exercises, and the changes they made as a result. Greer makes clear that the intention of this work is to complement and enhance, not replace, western medicine. He recommends that clients check with a medical doctor as symptoms are uncovered, and he relates some of his own health challenges. Learning about the latest research, assistive devices, and medical interventions is encouraged.

The work described here will take time, but anyone interested in improving health challenges or who is curious about alternative healing techniques will find this to be an insightful guide.”

—Karen Ackland, Foreword Reviews


Praise for Change the Story of Your Health

by Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD

Melinda Ring MD

“Throughout Change the Story of Your Health, Carl weaves in true stories from his patients, journal prompts, and instructions for shamanic journeys, providing a practical guide to understanding your relationship to your health story. … Readers who are willing to open their hearts and minds to the potential for new learning can transform stories about themselves that no longer serve them into new stories of wholeness and possibility.”

—Melinda Ring, MD, FACP, Executive Director, Northwestern Medicine Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

“It is a singular pleasure to call attention to Carl Greer’s remarkable melding of Jung’s analytical psychology and the ancient, and global, traditions of shamanic healing. His commitment to bringing the resources of both these traditions to a larger audience is reflected in his accessible and compelling reflections on the ways in which the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves shape the lives we live. In today’s world, Carl Greer’s work provides much-needed guidance for a more fulfilling and healthy way of life.”

—George Hogenson, PhD, Jungian Analyst, and Author of Jung’s Struggle with Freud

David M. Steinhorn MD

“Change the Story of Your Health is suitable for novice and experienced seekers alike. Reading it and using its techniques can serve as a first step in changing our relationship to our lives and our health.”

—David M. Steinhorn, MD, Professor of Pediatrics

Eva Selhub MD

“Change the Story of Your Health is beautifully written and a gem for any reader who is looking to empower themselves, their health and their lives. Read this book and change your story.”

—Eva Selhub, MD, author of Your Health Destiny and Your Brain on Nature

Sandra Ingerman

“Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD, brings us another brilliant book, helping us become aware of the story that impacts our health and rewrite it so that we achieve healing and well-being. This book will open myriad possibilities for you to discover and work with your inner healer. I highly recommend Change the Story of Your Health for anyone who seeks to regain health and balance in our changing world.”

—Sandra Ingerman, MA, Author of Soul Retrieval and Walking in Light

 Susan Reynolds MD

“As a physician I know all too well that many patients have health concerns due to inner factors that have not been addressed by conventional Western medicine. In Change the Story of Your Health, Dr. Greer presents insightful self-healing measures from alternative medical traditions that will truly transform your personal health and well-being.”

—Susan F. Reynolds, MD, PhD, President and CEO, The Institute for Medical Leadership

Book Contents for Change the Story of Your Health:

Using Shamanic and Jungian Techniques for Healing

* * *

Chapter 1: Your Health Has a Story, and You Are the Storyteller
Chapter 2: Consciousness, Energy, and the Body
Chapter 3: What Is the Current Story of Your Health?
Chapter 4: Expanded-Awareness Practices for Gaining Insights and Energy
Chapter 5: Write a New Story of Your Health
Chapter 6: Nature’s Healing Effects
Chapter 7: Working with the Healing Elements of Nature
Chapter 8: Revising the Story of Your Health
Chapter 9: Healing Partnerships and Communities
End Notes

 Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation


bookWhat if you could be the storyteller of your life, not just an actor playing a role written by someone else but the writer, director, actor, and stagehand all rolled into one? Change Your Story, Change Your Lifewinner of three book awards, combines the techniques and ideas of Jungian psychology and shamanism in a unique way to create a program for reclaiming power over your life and achieving personal transformation.

To change your story, you have to acknowledge it, which can be unsettling and painful. Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD, a Jungian analyst, clinical psychologist, and trained shaman, has worked with many individuals in one-on-one and group settings to gently guide them into becoming aware of and working with the forces influencing the events of their lives. In this groundbreaking self-help book, he offers practical tools for transformation that will help you uncover wisdom hidden in the unconscious mind and draw in new energies that will bring to life a new and better life story.

The shamanic techniques used in this book allow you to travel to transpersonal realms, that is, realities that exist in the collective unconscious. There, you can acquire insights into your life as well as archetypal energies that will fuel your dreams and help you make the changes you have consciously chosen. Greer teaches that while you can choose to simply contemplate what you have experienced during shamanic journeys, you can also take a more active approach of dialoguing with figures, symbols, energies, and feelings or sensations you encounter either during the journey or afterward. The dialoguing technique, which involves questions and answers, can also be used with any energy, in any form, that you encounter in nature or in dreams.

As a clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst, Carl Greer understands there is often a gap between the intention to change one’s life and the actions and mindset needed to actually bring about transformation. His program combines multiple modalities to ensure that you are empowered to make the modifications you desire. Journaling helps you become aware of your emotions, thoughts, and patterns, then consciously choose how you would like to change them. The shamanic and Jungian-inspired techniques tap into the unconscious mind to help you gain deeper insights and alter the energy that is affecting you. You will learn to identify life themes as energies or archetypes, and to appreciate the important of altering the archetypal energies affecting you. Change Your Story, Change Your Life offers encouragement, ideas, and practical ways to bring about self-transformation.



One hundred percent of the author’s proceeds will go to various charities via The Greer Foundation.

2014-winner-sticker-200 Winner-COVR-Visionary-Awards-150x150.jpg TISBA-2015-category_winner_sm-150x150.jpg

Change Your Story, Change Your Life has won three book awards.

 What reviewers say about Change Your Story, Change Your Life

by Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD

“A rich guide to spiritual awakening and emotional balance …. A successful, engaging book about shamanic ideas and psychological archetypes, among other concepts.”

—from Kirkus Reviews

“The way Greer brings these two disparate yet sisterly worlds of thought and practices together is both new and novel. Not only is he a wordsmith, but Greer is a wise Jungian and Shamanic practitioner … Those of us in need of change will learn to dance with archetypal energies and the transpersonal realms and work towards our personal healing and the healing of the world through our use of this book.”

from Depth Insights, review by shamanic practitioner, healer, and Jungian Jesse Howard Lash Masterson

“Much more than a “quick fix” self-help book, containing a profound range of tools and exercises. Articulate and easily understandable, Change Your Story, Change Your Life provides an excellent inspirational guide to personal transformation.”

—from Indie Shamanreview by editor June Kent

Praise for Change Your Story, Change Your Life

by Carl Greer, PhD, PsyD


Change Your Story, Change Your Life can help anyone to break free of old agreements that no longer serve them and dream a new story.”

don Miguel Ruiz, Author of the New York Times Bestseller The Four Agreements


“An engrossing study of shamanism and how it relates to psychology and everyday life. A unique blending of two very powerful tools.”

Lynn AndrewsNew York Times Best-selling Author of The Medicine Women Series


Change Your Story, Change Your Life is a rich guide to shedding old limiting stories and dreaming a new world into being.”

Alberto Villoldo, Author of the New York Times Bestseller Shaman, Healer, Sage


“A wonderful and compassionate guide [linking] timeless ritual methods with modern active imaginal techniques. His clear explanations provide perspective, and his suggested exercises support personal exploration. A lovely book.”

Sylvia Brinton Perera, LP, Jungian Psychoanalyst, Author of Descent to the Goddess


“In this compelling book, shaman and Jungian Analyst Carl Greer . . . offers a brilliant synthesis of the tools of Jung’s analytical psychology with the ancient shamanic practices and rituals . . . [a] goldmine eminently accessible to the reader.”

Ashok Bedi, MD, Psychiatrist and Jungian Analyst, Author of Path to the Soul and Crossing the Healing Zone

Sara Hollwey Jill Brierley

“We were captivated by Carl Greer’s exploration of the Source, through shamanic journeying, as a way to reach our highest wisdom. . . .  Change Your Story, Change Your Life offers a way to take back self-mastery and once more become the director of our own lives and even affect the collective. . .  . and create the world of our dreams.”

– Jill Brierley and Sara Hollwey, Authors of The Inner Camino: A Path of Awakening

Book Contents for Change Your Story, Change Your Life:

Using Shamanic and Jungian Tools to Achieve Personal Transformation

* * *

Foreword by Alberto Villoldo, PhD, author of Shaman, Healer, Sage


Chapter 1: Transforming Your Life Through the Power of Story
Chapter 2: Shamanism and How It Can Help You Change Your Story
Chapter 3: Exploring Your Current Story
Chapter 4: Writing a New and Better Story
Chapter 5: Preparing for Shamanic Practices
Chapter 6: Journeying and Dialoguing
Chapter 7: Taking Shamanic Journeys
Chapter 8: Understanding the Energies That Influence Your Story
Chapter 9: Working with the Archetypal Energies of Death and Initiation
Chapter 10: Working with Dreams and Nature to Manifest Your New Story
Chapter 11: Using Ritual and Ceremony to Manifest Your New Story
Chapter 12: Writing New Stories for Society
Chapter 13: Living According to Your New Story