Shamans are healers who use specific techniques to alter their consciousness and journey to other energetic realms. There, they gain energy and information they can use to bring about changes in the everyday world. Some say these realms are imaginary. Others say they are alternative realities that exist in other universes. If these realms shamans journey to are, in fact, real places, that supports the shamanic view that they are transpersonal realms that can be accessed by anyone who shifts into a new level of consciousness and chooses to visit them. When shamanic practitioners are in a non-ordinary state of awareness, commonly called a trance, the reality of the senses fades to the background. Shamans then interact energetically with natural forces such as the sun, moon, stars, and Mother Earth.

For me, shamanism is a spiritual practice that gets me closer to Source and helps me to live a better life. My shamanic experiences have allowed me to see into other realms and dimensions and perceive the everyday world with new eyes. As a result, I have a greater appreciation for its complexity, a deeper compassion for my fellow beings, and a profound sense of gratitude for being able to participate in the mystery of life. My shamanic journey has been one of personal exploration. It has inspired me to write a book with a practical program for personal transformation that incorporates both shamanic techniques and approaches derived from Jung’s ideas about the unconscious.