The Experimental Station’s mission is to build independent cultural infrastructure on Chicago’s south side by fostering a dynamic ecology of educational and cultural programs, small business enterprises, and community initiatives. Their focus includes—but is not limited to—the arts, ecology, food culture, cultural criticism, independent publishing, and alternative models of education.

Since 2006, Woodlawn Experimental Station has been creating its own programs to provide innovative response to local needs. Programs include:

  • Cultural events
  • Blackstone Bicycle Works
  • 61st Street Farmers Market
  • LINK Up Illinois
  • LINK Access for Chicago farmers markets

Whether fostering new audiences for the arts, supporting independent cultural producers, initiating public conversations around important local issues, promoting entrepreneurial initiatives, offering healthy food access and food education, or providing youth education, guidance on preparing for college, or job skills training, Experimental Station seeks to extend its hospitality to improve quality of life for all.