What is your story? There’s a story that you’d like other people to see, and the story you’d like it to be, but then there is the story as it really is. Is it satisfying to you, or do you want to write a new story? If you do, you may find that breaking through obstacles is difficult.

To write a new story, you need to start with looking at your current story, painful though it may be.  In my book, Change Your Story, Change Your Life, I have a series of exercises that will help you to be observant and get insights into yourself and the story you tell about the life you are living. Are there discrepancies between the story you tell yourself and the story you tell others about who you are and what you are experiencing?

When you have looked at your current story with honesty, then you have to ask yourself, “Would I like my story to be different? And why isn’t it different?” If you don’t like your story, why don’t you just do what you say you want to do?

Do you tend to say, “Well, I’ll change my life when I make a bit more money, or the kids get out of high school”—or whatever the reason is? What is standing in the way of you making the changes you wish to make?

Unless you do something actively to move past or break through these obstacles, the problems usually don’t get resolved. You end up with inertia.

When you do shamanic and Jungian work, however, and journey to transpersonal places, those problems that seem to bind you begin to loosen. You gain new perspectives and new ideas. Breaking through obstacles becomes easier.

What is the biggest obstacle to your changing your story? How long have you felt inertia when it comes to addressing this obstacle? Are you ready for a breakthrough?