Northwestern Integrative Medicine (NIM) in Chicago, Illinois strives to change medicine for the better by optimizing the wellness of its patients through empowerment, education, and patient-centered care. The center offers integrative medicine consultations, primary care, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, nutrition counseling, health psychology, bodywork, energy therapies, smoking cessation, and a range of wellness classes. NIM is identified as the leading regional resource for reputable information on lifestyle and complementary medicine. NIM’s major priorities are to:

  • Initiate new evidence-based research projects and enhance this knowledge through dissemination. Currently, NIM is one of ten leading integrative medicine centers to participate in BRAVENET’s PRIMIER launch. This is a landmark study for which data will be collected on patient care outcomes in integrative settings. NIM also initiated its own research work on the ACTIVATE Cancer Care, a pre- and post-acupuncture assessment for patients undergoing chemotherapy as part of their cancer treatment
  • Establish a full spectrum of medical education programs aimed at expanding the knowledge and attitudes of current and future physicians and the community-at-large
  • Deliver exceptional whole-family integrative care and underwrite the provision of care for patients with various diseases who would benefit immensely from the compassionate and innovative care provided through integrative medicine

NIM consciously examines the evidence for effective complementary and alternative practices from around the world and blends them with the very best of conventional medicine. The goal is to provide the highest quality personalized health care to patients.