Kimmapii Kids is a Canadian Charity that delivers hope and opportunity in every satchel full of school supplies given to children in the Cusco and Sacred Valley areas of Peru.

In 2007, a small group of like-minded, big-hearted people traveled to Peru to learn about the ancient wisdom of the indigenous elders. While touring the villages and communities in rural areas, they witnessed firsthand many challenging conditions children faced, and felt an urge to help. The small group asked the elders what was needed most to support their community, and the answer was clear: access to education. Education would provide new opportunities and enrich their children’s lives.

An idea that started as a seed has grown into an annual program delivering 1500 satchels filled with school supplies to children who might not otherwise be able to attend school. The government pays for schools and teachers but not books and pencils, so volunteers make the annual trip to hand-deliver reusable, locally made satchels filled with school supplies that have been purchased wholesale from Peruvian merchants. In this way, Kimmapii Kids supports the local economy and minimizes their environmental footprint. The experience these volunteers have of giving from the heart lasts a lifetime.